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Although on it’s sixth edition, the Addiction MK6 is THE kite for extreme big air, all-round freestyle, and high performance freeriding! The Addiction has always been an extremely specific kite. Years ago it was developed to break records on the course race scene. But just as the race scene has changed, so has our customers needs. Now the records to break are not just speed over water but also high in the sky…really high! Because of this growing demand, we decided to revive this specific model with the primary focus on taking your riding to, quite litery, new heights. This open C shape was created with one goal, to send you soaring with confidence! The new Addiction is smooth and predictable through the wind window. Prepare to get hooked to the Addictions consistent power, upwind ability, and go rocketing towards the clouds due to its position far on the edge of the window. It’s three strut design and more open shape gives the Addiction a huge wind range allowing the kite to be ridden underpowered for those marginal days and providing ridiculous hangtime when lit for those who can’t get enough flight hours. At RRD, we pride ourselves in providing the highest quality product without cutting corners. The graphics on this kite are individually cut pieces of Technoforce D2 fabric sewn together to provide unmatched ripstop resistance while providing rigidity and longevity even in the most extreme, big air, conditions. This forgiving and exhilarating freestyle/freeride kite can be appreciated by those who enjoy all forms of freestyle. From board offs to back mobes, and handlepasses to hand drags, this kite has performance and fun combined into one! Our new release will be your new Addiction! On the three sizes of the LIGHT WIND version, we decided to focus more on hangtime and less on kitelooping capabilty, while mantaining the same breathaking lift of the smaller sizes. We have optimised the angle of attack resulting in a cleaner profile and canopy. The slightely swept back tips and the increased open LE arch shape will result in a more flowty feel when in the air till the very end of the jump, making landings on chop not a problem anymore! take a look to the landscape surrounding you, and get addicted to the feel of flying in light air!


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Big air - Freestyle - Freeriding

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