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Kahuna Surfhouse Kitesurfing School was founded in 2008 and is situated on Softades Beach in Kiti, Larnaca Cyprus. It is the only kitesurfing beach licensed under the Cyprus republic government.

We chose this spot for our school as it has the best kiteboarding conditions all year round on the island. We set up the school with our concept always in mind: live life beyond the shore. Water, wind and waves are our passion and sun, sand and beach is our lifestyle.

Our fully equipped centre is set up on this beach because it provides the ultimate wind conditions for kitesurfing all year round. Consistent winds steady winds blow until late in the evening. The water is warm and calm - no strong currents, no sealife that can eat you (!), no coral that can cut up your feet! And water as warm as bath water so no wetsuits!

We are a down to earth team that set up this centre for the love of the sport. We are passionate about kitesurfing and all that comes with it. We are a great mix of locals and tourists, all different levels of kitesurfing and all nationalities. On our beach we have beginners all the way through to the double handle pass elite! This is a great advantage for visitors as they really integrate with Cypriots and discuss their kitesurfing progression.

We invite you to come and kitesurf with us, learn and enjoy the Kahuna experience with us!

Live life beyond the shore

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