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We built the new Passion to allow you to dominate any spot in the world on any board in your quiver, that’s is the right spirit of a pure free rider. The Passion Y27 marks the 13th version of this notorious high performance, 3 strut freeride and freestyle kite that will continuously impress everyone from entry level riders to experts thanks to its huge wind range. It’s designed to offer fast turning, excellent drift and impressive depower. The Kite is incredibly predictable and stable to drive, with excellent power control, and still demonstrates the best relaunch capacities thanks to the special rounded square tips. The Passion makes it easier to ride underpowered without stalling while still providing a safe amount of power.


Sizes available:
5 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10.5 - 12 - 13.5 - 15 - 17


• One pump inflatable technology
• 3 Struts frame
• 2D canopy fabric
• Ultra rigid frame
• Easy relaunch
• Quick air flow valve
• Diamond grid tech

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