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The new Air Beluga is the best board for progressing in complete safety and comfort. We have thought of new sizes and accessories to ease the learning process for novice riders and cut the learning time by half. We are introducing new big sizes of 235 and 200 volume with the addition of removable lateral side fins. Such a great volume guarantees a comfortable platform to have the stability you need to forget about the board and just focus on learning how to use the foil. The lateral fins allow you to not drift downwind which is the real hassle when you approach wingfoiling for the first time. The super light and rigid carbon plate on the bottom with a specific trapezoidal outline gives a feeling of control in flight equal to a composite board. The Air Beluga is a light inflatable board using two stripes of PVC fabric on top and bottom to increase stiffness and a lightweight dropstitch body. 4 sizes, from the smallest 140 liters up to 235 liters, the Air Beluga is an unbeatable solution for those who want to learn wingfoiling and want maximum comfort to travel and no hassle of breaking. It is supplied with a comfortable padded backpack that has room for your board, foil, wing and accessories to go in the water. A double action compressor and 3 ultralight straps are supplied as standard. The Air Beluga is simply the exciting new evolution of wingfoiling.


Sizes available:
210 X 93 X 15
195 X 85 X 15
174 X 76 X 15
160 X 72 X 15


• Trapezoidal outline carbon plate to increase stiffness under your front foot
• Carbon plate using a CNC hi-density PVC foam core and 1200 gr of 3k prepreg carbon fibers
• Ultimate inflatable technology with PVC fabrics on top and bottom and light dropstich body
• Removable click on side fins (for Air Beluga 200 and 235)
• Carry handle on top for easy handling and trasport
• 3 footstraps inserts for ideal feet positioning
• Double action pump for fast inflation
• Compact carry bag for transportability
• A mast foot hole to fit the windsurf sail for windfoil use

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