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Kyma Surfskate 30.5 Cat Lover ONLY €240

The 30.5" KYMA surfskate This little board handles like it's namesake, fast and loose.


PRICE INCLUDES V.A.T & SHIPPING The combination of short and wide is magic, because the shorter wheelbase makes pumping this board on the flats just effortless, but the extra width and concave makes it a comfortable cruiser, too. The kick tail completes the versatility, giving you some needed pop for kick turns and crack-in-the-road hopping, explaining why it's been one of the longest running designs in the KYMA line.


This board will work equally well with either the CX truck sets; The CX set will give the board a more snappy performance with a lighter frame. Comes set-up with 6.5" CX.4 front truck and C2 rear truck. Size: 9 5/8" wide 6 1/8" tail 3 3/4" nose 15 1/2" wheelbase MADE BY CARVER
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