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The Sense plus is our universal women’s specific kite / windsurf harness. With a construction, based on the success of the Thrive harness, while it remains women specific, ergonomically shaped and sized. The Sense features a vertically curved back shape. It’s suitable for all riding styles, from big air to wave riding, freeriding or even foiling. The moulded outer shell is 3D shaped both horizontally and vertically and it’s covered in neoprene to stretch around it’s complex curves. The improved barpad with stabilizer wings, slides into the side of your harness, to prevent the hook from riding up to protects your ribs. The barpad with kite hook can be swapped out for a rope bar with stabilizer wings (available separately). A rope bar converts any waist harness into a wave harness. It helps to extend your turns, by allowing you to rotate further and easier than you would with a hook spreader bar. The Sense is the ultimate women’s kite waist harness.


Sizes available:
XS - S - M - L


• Pre-shaped 3d moulded neoprene outside
• Curved vertical back shape
• Pre-shaped inner and outer
• Neoprene inside with EVA grip insert
• Soft and flexible side and rib area
• Barpad with stabilizer wings, prevents barpad twist
• Universal kite / windsurf hook with push release spreaderbar
• Kitesurf rope bar compatible
• Safety knife included
• Kite leash connectors
• Removable handle / HP tube on back

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