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Welcome to the friendliest kitesurf community in Cyprus, where we extend a warm invitation to the 'She Flies kite camp.' Whether you're stepping into the world of kitesurfing as a complete beginner or navigating the waves as an intermediate rider, this trip is tailor-made for you. The camp provides a unique opportunity, allowing you to choose between completing an International Kiteboarding Organization (IKO) course or receiving advanced coaching from the best of the island's kitesurfing experts in this haven for enthusiasts.

Aligned with the core values of She Flies, we understand and address the specific needs of women, fostering an environment where they can not only succeed but also build confidence both in and out of the water. This 5-day journey is more than just a kitesurfing experience; it's a holistic adventure where empowerment and skill development go hand in hand.

Throughout the camp, each day is carefully crafted to include daily goal-setting sessions, ensuring that your kitesurfing aspirations are supported and nurtured. Our team is dedicated to providing a supportive environment where you can thrive, learn and celebrate your progress. Join us for a transformative experience where Kahuna Surfhouse and She Flies communities come together to create memories that will last a lifetime.


2022 AUG 01-06 ✔
(You must aim to arrive in Cyprus on the 31st of July and depart on the 7th of August)
2022 SEP 05-10 ✔
(You must aim to arrive in Cyprus on the 4th of September and depart on the 11th of September)
2023 MAY 15-20 ✔
(You must aim to arrive in Cyprus on the 14th of May and depart on the 21th of May)
2023 JUNE 19-24 ✔
(You must aim to arrive in Cyprus on the 18th of June and depart on the 25th of June)
2023 JULY 24-29 ✔
(You must aim to arrive in Cyprus on the 23rd of July and depart on the 30th of July)
2024 MAY 13-17 ✔
(You must aim to arrive in Cyprus on the 12th of May and depart on the 18th of May)
2024 JULY 22-26
(You must aim to arrive in Cyprus on the 21st of July and depart on the 27th of July)

Duration: 5 camp days (plus arrival and departure days)
Accommodation: 6 nights stay
Age Group: 18 years and above
Participants: Exclusive to women
Group Size: Limited to a maximum of 7 participants
Experience: No prior experience required

Twin hotel room for 6 nights
6x Breakfasts
5x Lunches
5x Yoga sessions
10x Hours of group kitesurfing lessons and/or coaching
All kitesurf equipment (during the 10 hours of lessons and/or coaching)
Kitesurfing equipment storage
Daily use of SUP boards
Daily sessions for goal setting, review and theory
Pre-arrival community building
SheFlies bag and event tee
Airport pick up and drop off from Larnaca Airport (Between 8am-8pm. Out of hours pick up is available for a fee)
Daily transfers to and from the beach
SheFlies host 24/7

The She Flies journey stand out from the rest. While enhancing skills and advancing in the sport is a significant aspect of our camps, fostering support, acknowledgment and boosting self-confidence are equally crucial. We firmly believe in the unique feminine style that each woman possesses and our aim is to guide you in recognizing and tapping into your individual superpowers. Beyond a mere kitesurfing camp, She Flies creates a genuine community where strangers become friends, embracing the strength of women and prioritizing support over comparison.

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