Learn to surf in the beautiful warm water of Cyprus


Cyprus has ideal conditions for learning to surf - warm water, gentle currents and moderate swell. Let's kick off the passion for surfing together!


When there's 648km of coastline, there's inevitably going to be great spots for every watersport - and through years of searching every inch of this coastline we've found the best surf spots that Cyprus has to offer.

At Kahuna Surfhouse we can instruct you a beginners course in Surfing. Theory about the current and swell, how to paddle, how to duck dive, how to stand on the board and how to ride a wave. A fantastic introduction and skills you can take with you to any part of the world. Its adrenalin pumping and a great way to experiece the Mediterranean in a unique way.

Rentals are at the responsibility of the client. There is an optional equipment insurance fee that can be paid.. Pre booking is essential for SUP & Surf rental Daily/ rate: is a fixed amount charged from 11am - 9pm regardless of how many hours the equipment is used. Equipment subject to availability

Enquire and book

Time Price
1-2 Hrs (hourly rate) €15.00
3-4 Hrs (hourly rate) €13.00
5+ Hrs (hourly rate) €10.00
1 Day (daily rate) €40.00
2 hour lesson €60.00