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FUTURE 2016 134 Mucho Kiteboard

freeride / freestyle Mucho is the ultimate all round board suitable for all types of riding styles from freestyle to freeride. The Mucho is extremely light and responsive board giving you a smooth and comfortable ride even in choppy waters. The Mucho was designed with the most advance materials and techniques. Thanks to the Fish Belly Bottom technology, the Mucho provides amazing upwind performance, grip and soft stable landings. With Mucho kiteboard you will definitely feel the future!

Details: 320 Euro including Future Footpads and fins. 134 x 42. Enquire for details Free shipping in Cyprus International shipping subject to quote & charge on request

Construction: Technologies ICC INTEGRATED CARBON CORE Carbon stripe integrated into the wooden core. Improves durability and allows for better flexibility of the board. SWORD CORE Flexible as a sword. Firmer than other boards of an equal weight. Fully wooden board core. UP ULTRA PRESSED Boards are pressed at extremely high pressure. FB FISH BELLY A specifically designed bump on the bottom of the board called (and looking like a) Fish Belly. Developed to soften landings by diverting the water to the sides. Helps to ride upwind, considerably flat and at quite low speed. Allows for an easy ride over the flat surface similarly just like on a surfboard. ICP TOP SHEET Highly durable, scratch-resistant surface. FE FLEX EPOXY A custom developed epoxy glue to meet our high requirements for the maximum flexibility and durability

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