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RRD Celsius Pro Chest Zip 5/3

EXTREME flexibility where pattern design is combined with the best available neoprenes in the market. Our zippers close from the out- to the inside, which is better for the pressure distribution, resulting in stronger crash-resisting front zips. The Celcius pro is fully made with Superstretch limestone neoprene the most flexible material available today. The Celsius Pro is the wetsuit made with the lowest number of panels in our collection. Less panels mean more flexibility. The PRO is pure fabric taped on the inside only and on the seam joint areas. This allows even more flex, especially around the arms. Only a PRO knows what this means!

Details: 153 Euro. Free Shipping in Cyprus

Construction: - Internal fabric tape only on seam joint areas - 360 ultrastretch back panel - Antiskid deck protection liquid tape on side seams - Drain holes -Velcro ankle straps - Outside-in zipper

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