Surfhouse Beachside Rooms

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€15 a night

Wake up on the beach and enjoy long kitesurfing days in a relaxed and chilled environment!

The whole essence of the Surfhouse is relaxed, laid back and chilled for the ultimate escape, yet with enough buzz of tourists and locals to join in , if you want. The decor is all natural, DIY and and eco friendly. This is a back to basics option to get away from the city buzz in the comfort of the sea breeze.


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  • The sea is 10m from your doorstep!
  • Each room sleeps 4 people. Shared rooms. Communal Kitchen and shared bathroom.
  • Kahuna Surfhouse has its own beach bar with very well prices drinks and we have food delivered in for guests if they wish.
  • WIFI for all guests.
  • The whole school and beach area is available to you.
  • There is only 12Volt electricity available in the rooms. Electrics can be charged by USB only.
  • During months May to October, we can charge your electrics at the school while we are open.

Perfect accommodation for kitesurfers looking for accommodation with immediate beach access to kitesurf and progress all day.

  • Kitesurf equipment rental is available so there is no excuse to not be in the water!
  • Stand Up Paddle and Surfboard rental available too.
  • Food delivery optional
  • Kahuna Surfhouse bar available for drinks and snacks.
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