Fun Intro To Kitesurfing!

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€60 per person

No experience needed. -20% for Groups of 4+

This is a fun introductory to Kitesurfing - no pressure, no strings attached! Great fun for a family or friends day out - try something different!


  • Great fun for a family or friends day out - try something different!
  • We start with a background to kitesurfing, flying the trainer kite on land and then going into the water for a session on a big kite. We take you for a body drag to feel the momentum of the kite’s power and if we are lucky we can go for a tandem surf! Complimentary cold drink at the end of our session! Max 4 students per instructor. 2hr course
  • Light wind needed.
  • Basic swimming skills needed.
  • The school is updated with new equipment every year – we are currently using 2018/19 RRD kites and boards which are at the top of the brand league in their innovative design and safety features.
  • All safety equipment – helmets, wetsuits, buoyancy aid are provided by the school.
  • We use wireless, waterproof radio equipped helmets to give you constant guidance even in the water.
  • We can assist you in your first purchase of complete kitesurfing package at great prices.
  • During the lessons we provide you with all the necessary equipment: kite, board, harness, floatation vest and a helmet complete with waterproof walkie-talkie so your instructor can guide you while you are practicing in the water.

Now you have a taste of this adrenalin pumping course, you'll be itching to know more!

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