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€300 per person

Gruppen von 4 Personen erhalten einen ermäßigten Komplettkurs

Bucht den Gesamtkurs für 4 Personen und wir bieten euch einen Sonderpreis von 300 € pro Person an. Die Gruppe wird für den Kurs in 2 Personen pro Ausbilder aufgeteilt.


The Complete Course:

  • Duration: Approx 9hours. No experience needed! Basic swimming skills.
  • Takes you through IKO Level 1-2 to make you a confident and independent kitesurfer ready for serious adrenalin pumping extreme sport.
  • You will learn kite control, body dragging, self rescue and water launch within the 9 hours and have time to practice! This is the realistic and safest way to being independant.
  • This course is taught in groups of up to 2 people per kite
  • This course includes 4 hours FREE full kite equipment rental post course worth 80euros! Giving you a boost in your progress

If a Group of 4 book this specific course at the same time then we can offer this discounted price. The group will be split into 2 so that there is 1 kite and 1 instructor per 2 students.

Dieses Angebot ist ideal für Familien und Freunde!

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