The Kahuna Team are all IKO (International Kiteboarding Organisation) certified and teach on new and updated Naish equipment. They’re a multilingual bunch too - Greek, English, German, Russian and Hebrew speaking so no language barriers! They are all trained in First Aid and we always have one lifeguard on duty as well as the rescue boat on hand just in case.

Our kitesurfing lessons are usually taught on a ‘one on one’ basis, and occasionally as a group of two during high season (July & August).

All our instructors have had over 3 years teaching experience and we guarantee you’ll have a great time during the course getting to know them. Each with their own quirky kitesurfing style and knowledge, they’ll turn up the adrenalin and get you surfing in no time! Our instructors have been with us from the beginning and together we have built a fantastic reputation as team with a passion for the sport and most of all with getting the job done - which is getting you guys flying and surfing!